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and then shabbat

Cincinnati Chili w/ macaroni, cheddar, red onion 7/13$


chayim---pastrami, kosher salami, jalapeno, white american, cole slaw, Board sauce, brown mustard, dutch crunch 22

g.lopez-- turkey breast, bacon, yellow american cheese, cherry peppers, sprouts, mayo, Board sauce, french roll 21

spesh-- pastrami, brisket, corned beef, white american cheese, pickles, Board sauce, garlic french roll 22

solomio- turkey and pastrami, muenster cheese, jalapeno, avocado 1000 island, brown mustard, french roll 22

skully ---turkey, kosher salami, muenster, cheese, american cheese, mayo, board sauce, cole slaw, dutch crunch 21

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